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Paper Pumpkin

Crafters -

I just received the August Paper Pumpkin called "Pedal Praise" which is my NEWEST favorite! 

However, I still need to post the pictures from the July Paper Pumpkin - called Party Pennants. Now, I'm not a pennant or banner type of person - they are very nice - just not my style, BUT as soon as I opened the package... Well,  let me just tell you - WOW!

Keep in mind, I've added extras, although they are just fine by themselves. I always like to make mine, well... my own!  :)

And those of you who are local know, you can see the banners as soon as you walk in the door. I have them on my mirror by the front door.

Don't forget - before August 31st - you can join My Paper Pumpkin for only $5 (plus $5 shipping) for each of the first two months! That's just $10! After those first two months, it goes up to the regular price of $19.95.

SO, if you join before August 31st, your starter kit will arrive in September.

Then you will receive the October kit ... I'…

August and My Paper Pumpkin!

Yes, it is August 22nd now... so I finally updated the August header. (My new position has some really crazy overtime hours!)

Isn't this so great?

I'll be posting the July Paper Pumpkin and the July downline meeting pictures in the next couple of weeks.

Don't forget you can still join Paper Pumpkin for just $10 for each of your first two months - BUT you have to join by August 31st!

If you join by August 31st, My Paper Pumpkin for September will be the Starter Kit and I'll bet the October kit will be something fall... 

And the August Paper Pumpkin deals with BICYCLES! I just LOVE My Paper Pumpkin!