Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chattanooga Regional - My Swap Cards, Some Pictures, and a Little Story

We are now home from the FABULOUS Chattanooga Regional. And it is always wonderful to return home, isn't it?  (smile)

I will blog more throughout this week, but here are my swap cards:

Gumball Green

Midnight Muse

Primrose Petals

Raspberry Ripple

Summer Starfruit

Side-by-Side, All together!

Did you notice that they were all EXACTLY the same design and used the same stamp - I even colored the Serene Silhouettes the same?! Just the color of the paper and ribbon changed! And did you notice they were all the NEW InColors and they all used the "Back to Spool" ribbon that is FREE this month with a $40 purchase? Only a few more days to get those for FREE!

And here are the ones my mom made - she does good work, doesn't she?

Baha Breeze and Basic Gray

Basic Gray and Basic Black

Night of Navy and Certainly Celery

Pretty in Pink and Basic Gray

I think she copied my idea of the same design but with different colors. She changed the color of her flowers though. On mine, even the birds are the same colors on all the cards!
And here is the stamp set they gave to ALL attendees. LOVE IT! Thanks Stampin'Up!
Seasonal Sayings

And finally, the stamp set that I won! Thanks so much - can't wait to use it!

Owl Occasions

Along with a picture of the lovely Shannon:

Me (in red) with Shannon West (black and white)

And a picture of the beautiful Andrea:

Me (red shirt) with Andrea Withers (red sweater)
OH - and did you notice my lanyard? I received it from my former sideline Mindy when I went to Leadership 2011. That fabric is now available for 99 CENTS!!! Get it now while you still can!

And the wonderful Carrie - when she gave all of us at our table the gift we ALL won for Prize Patrol! FYI - It was darker in the room when they handed them our gifts. I said "Carrie! Smile!" and snapped the picture. How come she looks so pretty with such a quick picture? The pictures of me NEVER come out like that? She must be a model.. Regardless, she was GREAT!

Carrie Cudney handing out our Merry Moments Scrappin' Kits!

Merry Moments Simply Scrappin' Kit

And finally, Stampin'Up! events would not be complete without Bonnie! Doesn't she just seem like such a fun person to hang with? I'm so jealous (but in a good way) of all her gifts and talents.

Bonnie Thurber

As you can see, all of these ladies posed for pictures and smiled very graciously. Thank you! While I was typing this posting and adding the pictures, I kinda felt like some kind of Stampin'Up! groupie! Is there such a thing? Well, if there is, I guess I'm it!  (smile)

Thanks so much for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy these updates as much as I enjoy writing about them.

I'll post more throughout the week - including some of the FABULOUS swap cards I received. And a note about that... please share YOUR gifts and talents with others. While we were in line waiting to get in the doors to find our seats, I was talking to the ladies in front of us. In typical SU! fashion we greeted each other with "Are you swapping?"

They told me that while they brought some swaps, they didn't realize that it had to be current. But they were so kind, one of the ladies asked if she could take a picture of my card. Gotta tell ya - I kinda left like a real "artist" when she did that too! ANYWAY, because we were in line and talking and such, one of the other ladies in this group told me that well, she did bring some cards to swap but that they weren't as pretty as ours were. Why are we always hardest on ourselves?

So, of course, I asked to see hers. She brought them out. THEY WERE FINE!!!!! I swapped with her, the lady next to me swapped with her too! And she used a stamp set that I don't have! Always like to get swaps using stamp sets that I don't have - helps me and my customers!

Ok, here's the little story... Many of you already know this story, so you can scroll to the bottom. BUT if you have never heard "MY WHY" story, here it is... A long time ago, I belonged to MOPS (Mother of PreSchoolers) - WONDERFUL group, if you ever have a chance to join - JOIN! You won't regret it

One night while at a scrapbook crop with my friend Laura, we were talking (go figure!) about MOPS. Through our conversation, I decided to make birthday cards for each of the ladies in our MOPS group. I DIDN'T EVEN OWN A RUBBER STAMP!!! I was a scrapbooker, not a cardmaker! I had  cardstock and since we were at a scrapbook store, I used a window diecut for the card, some balloon die cuts and placed embroidery floss on the balloons. I borrowed Laura's "Happy Birthday" stamp and stamp pad! (No, I didn't know about Stampin'Up! at that time, but history was about to change!)

Gotta tell ya - although I was really proud of that card design (designed it myself, thank you very much!), it really wasn't a "WOW" type of card. It was actually kinda plain, and some would consider it a sorry-looking card. BUT, I made 50 of them and I sent one to each of the ladies on their birthdays (and half-birthdays).

Fast forward a couple of months... one of the quieter ladies come up to me at the meeting and told me "Thank You" for her birthday card. She got really quiet then. Believe it or not, I actually stopped talking and waited for her to continue. Her folks were out-of-town, she was the mom of some preschoolers, and her husband forgot. My card was the only card she had received on her birthday.

Don't ever discount your gifts and talents. If I was a card snob and looked at that little card and said "well, that's not pretty enough to send..." that MOPS mom wouldn't have received a card for her birthday. You CAN make a difference - SEND THOSE CARDS!!! It may not seem like a GREAT card to you, but it might be a GREAT card to someone else... If you ever doubt that your card should be sent, feel free to send it to me - I LOVE to receive cards!

Alrighty then... If you want to receive the updates when I post them (instead of you having to check to see when I post), make sure you "subscribe by email" to my blog postings. You only receive the email updates when I post and it goes straight to your inbox!

Thanks so much to Stampin'Up! for providing so much fun, not to mention the ideas, along with the wonderful Prize Patrol at the Chattanooga Regional 2012! And please don't bury your talents, SHARE THEM!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chattanooga Regional

Crafters -

Wow! The Chattanooga Regional was just GREAT!!!!

Hubby let me borrow his iPad but I am apparently too tired to figure out how to download the pictures!  :)

My mom and I left Friday morning to head towards Chattanooga. We had a very nice trip. It has been a number of years since it was just the two of us on a road trip. For about 7 hours we spoke about family, friends, work, and crafting! We didn't even turn on the radio!

When we arrived in Chattanooga, we met with my sideline, the fabulously talented Sue. She  pointed us in the right direction to get to downtown Chattanooga. Mom and I had a wonderful dinner and returned to our room. I still had swaps to finish! I had decided to use Serene Silhouettes and the InColors. I was very pleased with how they turned out. I'll post pictures on Sunday when we return home, unless I can figure out how to access them from the iPad before!

We woke early because we were so excited to be here! As we waited in the check-in line, this beautiful young woman, Andrea Withers, came over and gave me a hug! You may remember Andrea's name from a couple of years ago. When I was one of the make-and-take helpers at Convention, Andrea was the young lady who coordinated our group of helpers. She hasn't aged a bit and is still just as beautiful! She sees so many people, I was blown away that not only did she remember my name, she remembered what I looked like and she found me in the sea of 500 crafters! What a thoughtful young person!

We also saw the fabulously talented Bonnie Thurber. She looks just wonderful - she's one of those ladies who have such a beautiful smile that the room just lights up with her presence! I had to have my picture taken with both of these ladies. Which I will post when I figure this thing out...

So, they finally opened the doors (after what seemed like hours of waiting, we were so excited!). Sue and I ran in to find the best seats in the house! I think we were in the first 10 people through the door. So we found wonderful seats. Oh yeah, and we swapped so much while we were waiting to begin. Can't wait to show you some of my favorites...later, of course!

We had wonderful presentations; there were so many Prize Patrols - and I won one of them! I won the stamp set 'Owl Occasions' - a set I did not have! YEAH!!! During one of the Prize Patrols, you will never guess who won the 'Seasonal Sayings' stamp set? I screamed when I saw the name on the screen - EVERYONE won the stamp set! How great is that?! Oh, and did I mention EVERYONE also won the 'Merry Moments Simply Scrappin' kit'? Is this a GREAT company or what?

Mom and I are headed back to Ohio after a good night's sleep. Although the men-folk seem to be having a fine time without us. Hubby said he made manwiches (YUCK!). I'll keep playing with this iPad to determine if I can figure this thing out...

Check back Sunday evening for the pictures!

Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 Videos

Crafters -

While I am traveling to Chattanooga, I thought you'd enjoy these videos. They are the first, second and third place winners for the Stampin'Up! Convention 2012 contest.

Third place:

Second place:

And first place:

What a fun time, huh? Can't wait to show you what all I've learned over the weekend at the Chattanooga Regional!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Card Box - UPDATE

Crafters -

You've seen my posts before about the online group SUDSOL that I belong to and you've seen that Card Box that I did. 
My Card Box
Patterned after card box on page 166 of the 2012-2013 Stampin'Up! Catalog

Well...This past week has been really hectic. I haven't been able to blog. I've checked my emails, but I haven't done much beyond that. 

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from one of the fabulous ladies at SUDSOL.

I'm a "featured project" this week! And, like she said "I'll be even more famous than I am now!" (I wish! - smile!)

So, because I sent them my tutorial before I posted it anywhere else, I also receive FREE SUDSOL TIME towards my SUDSOL membership (you can too - let me know if you are interested!).

Without further ado, here is the link so you can check out how they showcased my tutorial on SUDSOL - ENJOY! (click the word "link" and you'll go straight there!) The took the pictures and my tutorial and made it VERY easy to read on their site.

And remember, you can always Join me on SUDSOL - Your 24/7 Upline!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th...

Can you believe it has been 11 years? I can't. I still remember my husband calling me at home to tell me to turn on the TV. I remember turning on TV and I seeing the second plane hit. We had just been in New York City a few months prior. It was surreal.

I remember receiving a call from someone at our church that day. There was a special service that evening. Our pastor at the time was a Military Chaplain. I can't tell you what he said that night, but I remember being with our friends and praying. There is power in prayer.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 (King James Version)

There will be an 11th Anniversary Ceremony Live Webcast, beginning at 8:30 am Eastern. You will want to go to for more information.

Thank you to the men and women who so selflessly gave to others that day and those who continue to serve. Thank you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Notebooks, Notebooks, and MORE Notebooks... Post #2

As promised, albeit a day late... What was I thinking when I said I'd post these pictures on Saturday? After arriving home from my morning meeting, I grabbed a VERY quick sandwich, and the crafters began arriving for the 1pm card class. Then with the class clean-up, dinner, and visiting with my folks from Florida - it was close to nighttime! WHEW! I just finished cropping the remainder of the notebooks and wanted to post them before midnight. And it happened!

OH yes - and the ladies really seemed to like the notebooks. We will be taking notes over these next few weeks meetings.


Had to get creative with hers, just like Annette's!




Rhonda's Now there's a story here. WAY back when I completed MY Emmaus Walk,
one of the ladies from our church (Diane) approached me.
Diane knew that I was a crafter and she had found this rooster ribbon.
Well, I have saved it because I didn't have occasion to use it before these.
Rhonda, the lady this notebook has been made for, is a VERY good friend with Diane.
So although Diane is not on this Walk with us, she is with us in spirit.
And since the ribbon so perfectly matched this retired Stampin'Up! paper...
well, I couldn't think of a nicer person than Rhonda to use this paper and ribbon on her notebook! 



Shannon is my prayer partner for this Walk.
AND if you can believe this, this paper combination matched the shirt she wore on Saturday!
She was born at the same military base I used to be stationed at over 20 years ago!
No one knows that military base anymore!
Isn't it amazing how His Plan brings people together?



Hope the ladies enjoy these!

I'll post pictures of Saturday's card class later this week. Remember, the October 6th card class is the LAST monthly card class scheduled. The format and pricing will change after this class. Deadline to register is Friday, September 28th.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Notebooks, Notebooks, and MORE Notebooks...

Crafters -

Beginning Saturday morning, I have a meeting for the next few weeks. Which is why my calendar looks really busy on Saturdays! That's a GREAT thing...

AND, because I will be at this meeting with 19 other women and we will be taking notes, I asked if I could make personalized notebooks for each of the women. THE ANSWER WAS YES!!!!  :)

So, I have been VERY diligently working on these notebooks for the past few days. My folks came into town, the boy has been busy with homework and such, and I could only work on it for an hour here and an hour there (assembly line production is GREAT for projects like this!). With my mom here, and her being a fabulously talented crafter (where else would I get this from?), she offered her talents!

I put her to work cutting out the letters using my Typeset Alphabet Bigz Dies and this is what the table looked like - YIKES, right?  (smile)
Yeah, I'm a little too organized sometimes, huh?

Well, just a hint for you - to make it REALLY EASY to put these letters on the notebooks - make sure you use your Silicone Craft Sheet - makes it SO easy - look at this!
LOVE my Silicone Craft Sheet!

See how it doesn't stick to the sheet? Meaning - I don't waste a lot of paper on my grid paper when I'm using these little letters. AND since the silicone is see-through, I can use it with my grid paper! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

SO, because I made 20 of these notebooks, here are the first few.
Mine is first - LOVED this paper when we offered it...

For Annette's, I had to get creative to fit her name on this!




We have TWO Brendas
So I made them VERY different!

Isn't Dee's just so cheery?!

LOVE this paper!
And you can just make out Diana's name on the bottom



I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Please know, I used my retired papers. I also had to use some contraband ribbon because I didn't have enough of my SU! stash. Good thing I've got my order in for the Back to Spool Promotion that Stampin'Up! is offering this month. I may have to place an order to get some more!

Don't forget that between now and September 20th, for ONLINE ORDERS ONLY, I'll even refund your normal shipping! That post is here.

Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check back on Saturday for the remaining 10 notebooks!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jeannette's Card / Blooming With Kindness

Crafters -

I have to show you this card.
Blooming With Kindness card
Made by Jeannette Roth

Isn't it so pretty?!  My fabulous friend, and former downline member, the lovely Jeannette Roth, made this card and sent me a picture of it!

You see, Jeannette was scheduled to attend my August Stamp of the Month Club Class using her new Blooming With Kindness stamp set. But, because Jeannette had a wonderful friend come into town, she was unable to make the class. She swung by my home and picked up her supplies. (In accordance with Stampin'Up!'s rules, I do not provide the stamped images.)

So Jeannette, because she is just so talented (she was trained by an awesome upline, you know - GRIN!!!!), well she just took those supplies and stamped and played and I'm sure, had fun while she crafted! And she didn't have a picture or card design to go off of - she just had the precut papers, punch-outs, ribbons, and jewels! She even added the Adorning Accents Edgelit herself! See, I told you she was talented!

Because I did not place the card pictures of the class on my blog, you do not have anything to compare it with. However, I can tell you - she did the card design justice!

Didn't she do a nice job? I checked with her first, and she said that I could share it with all of you on my blog too. So thanks Jeannette for sharing your gifts and talents!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Will It Embellish Video / Back to Spool / And MORE!!!!!

Make sure you read to the END of this post for my special through Thursday, September 20th!

LOVE this video - what do you think?

And here is the September Special, compliments of Stampin'Up!

The group picture of the Satin Stitched Ribbons
Side-by-Side Comparison

And individual pictures too!
Primrose Petals, Item #126844

Raspberry Ripple, Item #126845

Gumball Green, Item #126848

Midnight Muse, Item #126847

Summer Starfruit, Item #126846

Click on any of the ribbon names and it will take you to my online store - EASY PEASY to order online!

Dawn's Special
Crafters - from now through Thursday, September 20th, if you place an online order with me AND you qualify for the Back to Spool Promotion that Stampin'Up! is offering, I'll refund your normal shipping charges (look at your order - it is 10% of your order OR $6.95 that is listed) at the end of the month. If you want overnight or faster delivery, well... you are on your own for those!