Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carry On Hostess Set - Fact!

UPDATE: My fabulous upline has advised that it IS true! I've also read (from others) that it could be as early as NEXT WEEK! So, if you are looking to receive this set - NOW is the time to book your workshop!

As many of you are, since I'm also not at Convention, I've been blog-stalking. The WOW things that are at Convention, are well... you know.... WOW! :)

But seriously, Stampin' Up had a Hostess Set called Carry On and shortly after the catalog was introduced, the set was no longer available. Not much was said "officially" but there were rumors abound on the 'net.

Well, apparently, the set is going to be available again sometime soon. I'll post more as I know more. As of right now, there is NOT an official "yes it will be" so don't count on it yet. But, if it was announced at the 2012 Stampin'Up! Convention...

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  1. It is now available, as of July 23rd!

  2. Mary - Thanks so much for the date! Can't wait to get this set into everyone's hands!