Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two More Days...

Crafters -

Today is July 29th. That means there are only two more days for the Reason to Smile promotion. This is a GREAT stamp set, but it is a limited-edition stamp set. Stampin'Up! is only offering it for $5 with a qualifying order placed by July 31st. On August 1st, it is gone!
I've made several really neat cards with this stamp set - it is just such a friendly and nice set! So easy to brighten someone's day, you know - give them a "Reason to Smile" type of thing. I just love that play on words!

And, don't forget, you also have only two more days to receive two additional "Lattes" when you become the newest member of my Latte Joy Frequent Buyers Club.

You can order from my online store and don't forget to check out the Clearance Rack too!

Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Latte Joy Downline Meeting today!

Crafters -

WOW! Did I have a fun time today or what?! Nina and Charlene arrived this morning for our FIRST Latte Joy Stampers downline meeting

For the first part of our meeting, we went over the Latte Joy Handbook, discussed tutorials, workshops and card classes, and we finished the meeting with crafting. Although I know the business stuff needs to be discussed, it was WAY more fun to make cards!

We even made a box for our cards - a vertical box. AND I issued Nina and Charlene a challenge - one that I will also do - to be completed before our October meeting. I'll let you know how it all turns out as we get closer to October!

As Charlene is a brand new demonstrator, Nina and I were able to discuss how we run our businesses. And although our friendships are a wonderful byproduct of our business, this is a business. And we each want to grow our businesses. I'm very thankful for these two women being part of my downline as I have rejoined Stampin'Up! I look forward to each of us growing and showing how much we believe in Stampin'Up!'s Statement of the Heart.

So, without further ado, here are the cards from the Shoebox Swap. You may not recognize the items in the blue card. YUP - you got it! It was from my preorders from the Holiday Catalog. 

The Happy Birthday card (left card) uses Betsy's Blossoms and Perfectly Penned stamp sets, the Bird Builder and Blossom punches, along with the Fancy Fan embossing folder. This card is done completely in the new Incolors - Gumball Green, Primrose Petals, and Raspberry Ripple. So much more striking in real life! Thanks so much to Nina for this Shoebox Swap!

And the final card, the Celebrate Today card (on the right), uses Cherry Cobbler and Black StazOn inks. This picture just does not do this card justice - and I wish I could take credit for it. However, I saw it on Elizabeth Price's blog. This card uses Everything Eleanor - my new FREE stamp set thanks to my new recruits and thanks to Stampin'Up! for sending it to me as my reward for Stampin' Start! Thanks Charlene, Nina, and Stampin'Up! It also uses the Delicate Designs embossing folder, Scallop Trim Border Punch, and Cherry Cobbler Baker's Twine.

The supplies are all listed at the end of this post. You can go to my online store to order any of these items. Remember, you can be on YOUR way to a free stamp set from me - my thanks for placing your orders through me. AND you'll earn TWO extra Lattes from me when you place your $50 merchandise order before July 31st! Here's that blog posting too!

OH - We also made a couple of cards after our business discussions. Those cards were based on a tutorial provided to us by our upline. These are WOW-style cards (you know the type, when you open the envelope, you just go "WOW!").

I altered the card designs slightly to fit our styles and I've shared those cards with my upline and sideline. If you'd like to join us in making the WOW-style cards at our meetings, join my team! It's one of the benefits of being a Latte Joy member! There is a wonderful promotion that begins on August 1st. I'll post the information then. And remember, you can join my team through my demo website.

Do you have YOUR Holiday catalog yet? Contact me and I'll get one to you!

Supplies used:
Champagne glitter paper - HOLIDAY CATALOG

Downline Meeting and Chattanooga Regional!

Well, can you believe it is Saturday already?

It seems like I just rejoined Stampin'Up! (and I really did - on May 1st!). And I have my first official downline meeting in just a few short hours. Those of you who know me, know how much I enjoy these meetings with my downline. Nina and Charlene are scheduled to be here at 9am and WAIT until you see the fun things we will be doing.

Now, I won't be showing you everything, just a thing or two. If you'd like to see all of the items we'll be creating, join my team! There is a FABULOUS incentive beginning August 1st to join... and my next downline meeting will be October 27th. YOU can attend and have a wonderful time as well!


My mom will be in town in September - so we are going on a ROAD TRIP to the Chattanooga, Tennessee Regional. My mom is a former downline member and just LOVES to craft. We are already planning our swaps. We're making it a "Girls weekend" and we'll have fun crafting!

Stampin'Up! has already opened this Regional to guests. The Cost is $75. If you are one of my Latte Joy downline members and wish to go on this Road Trip with us - let me know!! If you are one of my customers and wish to go with us as well - let me know that too! The more the merrier!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introducing...Latte Joy Frequent Buyer Card

Crafters - 

Many of you may remember my Hostess Clubs that were offered in years past. It seems that everyone is in such a go-go-go way right now (yes, I'm including me and my family in that too!).

How about an easy way but without the required 3-month, 4-month, or even 6-month commitment? Sounds like a good plan, huh?

Well, I'd like to introduce my Latte Joy Frequent Buyer Card. Now no, this will not fit on your keyring like all of the other ones we each carry around!

Here's the particulars for these virtual lattes:
  • With each $50 merchandise order, you will receive one "Latte" from me (FYI - this is a virtual latte, but if you ever want to meet - I LOVE COFFEE!) - Shipping, handling, and taxes do not count towards the $50 merchandise order.
  • You earn one latte for each $50 merchandise you purchase (example - if you purchase $100 merchandise, you earn two lattes; if you purchase $150 merchandise, you earn three lattes; and so on and so on...)
  • Lattes are good for one year from date of issue. 
  • Once you have 10 lattes, you will receive a free stamp set from me (up to a $50 value) - you must redeem this within 30 days of receiving your tenth latte - meaning send me an email within 30 days to let me know which stamp set you want!
  • To thank you for purchasing from me, I'll make sure you receive the Holiday and Occasions catalogs from me, when they become available.
  • FYI - Lattes are good for online, in person, or email orders - including orders you place while at my card classes. Lattes are NOT valid if you attend a workshop (you'll receive different cool stuff at the workshop instead!)
  • You must purchase from me to receive the lattes. They are only redeemable through me too!

AND to get you started, if you place a $50 merchandise order between now (July 25th, 2012) and July 31st, 2012, I'll start you with two extra lattes. Which means... You will start with the two bonus lattes, and you'll earn the third latte with the $50 order! THREE LATTES WITH ONE $50 MERCHANDISE ORDER - but only through July 31st, 2012. Combine that with the Reason to Smile stamp set that you can purchase for $5 through the end of the month, and it is a WIN-WIN-WIN!

What are you waiting for?! GO - head over to my online store and don't forget to look through the Clearance Rack too! GREAT DEALS which are only available through online orders.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Talk About It or Taco Belly?

Crafters -

Bear with me for a few minutes... I'll get there, promise...

Remember a few years back - the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie? Yeah...  that one! As many of you know, we have a boy. A few years ago, he liked the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. He was about 5 - a really fun age! And he really liked (and still likes) music. And, as many 5-year-olds do, they sing songs.

One day, he was singing the "Talk About It" song that Alvin and the Chipmunks do. Except his words were "Taco Belly." (FYI - if you don't know the song, you can search for "Chipmunks Talk About It" in just about any search engine and find it. I just didn't find an "official" version to link for you.)

Needless to say, the boy had us cracking up that day! Of course, now that he is much older, he doesn't remember...

And then there is "Weird Al" Yankovic. Anyone else remember Weird Al? Yeah, the guy that parodies songs. A little insight into our lives... the boy LOVES Weird Al songs. We have actually seen Weird Al in concert THREE (yes, three!) times - and have traveled all over the state to see him! Yes, we are geeks and we're ok with that.  :)

Some of Weird Al's recent hits are Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" - which he changed to "Perform This Way." Or Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" - he changed to "Party in the CIA." The list is long and distinguished. And yes, he tours NOW. I still remember his parodies of Michael Jackson's songs!

Yesterday we were outside doing yard work. Enjoying the beautiful weather. It's been quite warm here recently, and it finally wasn't as warm. Anyone else let the mind wander when doing yard work? Well, I do! I'm humming/singing and trying to "whistle while I work" (this post is FULL of historical references!)... and I start humming/singing the 2012 Stampin'Up! Convention song of "I am."

Oh, if you haven't seen it, here's the video. (Click the word "video" and you'll go straight to my previous blog posting of it.)

Anyhoo... because I'm weeding and spraying and bagging and just doing the fun yard work (that comment is somewhat sarcastic), I let my mind wander while I was working. And all of a sudden, the words "I am" became "I can" as I was humming/singing. This time, it was ME who changed the words. Not the boy. Not Weird Al.

I have heard comments from friends and customers such as "oh, I can't make cards," "this one will be my sample card because I messed it up," or my personal favorite is "I can't send this card - I'm going to save it."

I'm here to tell you - you CAN make cards, even "messed up" cards CAN bless others, and just like the story of the talents, you CAN share your gifts and talents with others. I like to compare it to kids' drawings. I'd much rather have a child's drawing, made just for me, than any print from any store. In the case of our card making, we are just playing with the grown-up version of construction paper and glue sticks!

We are always so hard on ourselves. Why is that? As I tell my local crafters, both customers and friends, if you want perfect, the Big Box Store is down the street (you insert your local big box store name). Just as He takes our imperfections and uses us, we can use our imperfections to brighten someone's day. Please don't hide your gifts and talents, share them - you CAN do this!

If you don't know where to start, contact me. We can work out a date for a workshop, or you can attend one of my card classes (click the words "card classes" and you'll be taken to that page). The next card class is August 4th and the deadline to register for that class is THIS Saturday, July 28th.

The NEW Holiday Catalog items are available for sale on August 1st. As a demonstrator, I've already preordered AND RECEIVED a couple of items out of the Holiday Catty and we WILL be playing with those items on August 4th. Best and easiest way is to "try-before-you-buy." Come to the August 4th card class to try out the new items! Contact me to get YOUR copy of the Holiday Catalog!

I AM confident that YOU CAN make a difference.

To love what we do and share what we love,
as we help others enjoy creativity 
and worthwhile accomplishments... 
in this we make a difference!
                                                                                      - Stampin'Up! Statement of the Heart

So yes, you can! Watch and listen to the video again; it is just such a fun video. And contact me so you can share your gifts and talents with others!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Convention 2012 Highlights

Yes, this really is how it is! Enjoy!

Convention 2013 and Fall Regionals 2012!!!

Have you enjoyed the postings here and the "pins" on pinterest? I could not have posted those items without the wonderful crafters sharing their information. Thanks so much to them for sharing what they love - which is what Stampin'Up! wants us to do!

Guess what? Stampin'Up! has announced the dates for Convention 2013. It is July 18-20, 2013. Usually it is Wednesday through Saturday, but next year is Stampin'Up!'s 25th anniversary!!!!!! So, since Stampin'Up! wants to share with all of us, they've reduced the number of days so that more people can attend. (I've also heard that there may be a slightly different price to attend.) My hotel reservations have already been made for next year. Hope you can come with us! Click here to join my team if you are interested in attending as a demonstrator.

AND, Stampin'Up! has also announced their Fall Regional dates. The dates are:
  • August 18, 2012 - Hamilton, Ontario
  • August 25, 2012 -  Providence, Rhode Island
  • September 8, 2012 - Denver, Colorado
  • September 22, 2012 - Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • November 10, 2012 - Lansing, Michigan

SO, since registration begins on July 26th - for both demonstrators and guests - who is game to attend? The cost is $75 and we always have a GREAT time! My mom will be here in September, so the Tennessee Regional may be an option. Lansing is a lot closer, but a Buckeye in Michigan in November? Not so sure but the big game is two weeks after the Lansing Regional, so I may venture into Michigan for stamping...  :)  Who's going with me? (In case you need a little incentive, here's what I wrote about the October, 2011, Louisville, Kentucky Regional.)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stampin'Up! - NEW!!!

Crafters -

Well, can I just tell you how much fun it is to be a demonstrator? My friends and downline will tell you, I enjoy this company and what they stand for, and how they run their business. I have always felt that way, including when I left SU! for that six-month period to change uplines (which has since been changed to 3-months/90 days now - GREAT decision on that change too!).

ANYWAY - You've seen me post things that are preorders - things that demonstrators can order before the customers. SU! does it this way so we can make samples to show to our customers so that YOU will want the items too! Personally, I just like playing with new toys, but since I'm trying to run this as a business, I gave you the "business side" too. :)  That's just one of the fun things that I get to do as a demonstrator.

Demonstrators also are able to attend Convention in Salt Lake City. This is the first year I have missed Convention for the past SEVERAL years. However, since I am rebuilding my business, I just could not justify the cost. Would have LOVED to have gone, but... I am looking forward to next year. Because I'm part of a different upline, I will get to sit with my long-distance upline and sideline members. Although I won't be with my local friends, I'm confident we will all still have lots of fun.

So, I've been blog-stalking - and I've been pinning Convention items to my pinterest boards. Hope you have been checking them out - really looks like they are having fun there!

Well, today at 2pm Mountain Time (which is 4pm Eastern Time), Stampin'Up! had a Convention Live Video Feed for an announcement. As far as I know, this is the first time they have done something like this. Not the same as being there, but you could still feel the excitement. I took several screen shots and have posted them here. BUT what the announcements were:
  • The Grand Vacation Incentive Trip for 2014 will be.... Western Caribbean! The promo video they showed made it look like a LOT of fun.
  • The online Independent Demonstrator Agreement (IDA) will now be available for ALL demonstrators. Demos no longer have to have a Demonstrator Business WebSite (DBWS) for you to sign up online.

I'm going to take a guess that they will post some more of the information on the DEMONSTRATOR side of the Stampin'Up! website - so if you want to see it - you have to be a demonstrator. If you want to be a demonstrator, and don't already have a relationship with one, please contact me! I'd LOVE to have you join my Latte Joy Stampers!

While the Incentive Trip doesn't impact me, the online IDA does! And it impacts ALL demonstrators. I had actually sent Stampin'Up! an email requesting the IDA and online signup for ALL demonstrators - not just those with a DBWS. It only makes good business sense to have this online IDA available to all. By completing the information online, potential demonstrators don't have to wait for their applications to be sent to and received by SU! The potential demo can see right away if something went wrong with the application - and it can be immediately resolved! Everything is done online and the new demo has access to the website immediately! The new demo has an upline immediately and all is good. Demos can access a number of fun sites and ideas once they have logged into the SU! website. It is a HUGE win-win for everyone.

Now, while I let you know that I did send an email to SU!, I'm not saying that my little email caused this to happen. I'm confident that SU! heard this from many! But what this does say about SU! is that they change with the times; they update with technology; AND they are committed to serving the end-user (that would be me and you -  demonstrator and customer). Again, what a GREAT company to work with! 

So, without further ado, here are some of the screen shots from the Live Video Feed.
Rich Judkins, SU! President is the Fortune Teller
With Sara Douglass and Shelli Gardner
Can you tell that Sara is Shelli's daughter?
Shelli has this year's Convention bag

And how do you think they would pay the Fortune Teller? Why with STAMPS, of course! From right out of Shelli's Convention Bag for this year!
Look, it worked!

And then Sara did a show-and-tell/on-stage demonstration for all to see. Usually you have to be in attendance to see this, but seeing it on-stage/online - although still not the same, was the next best thing. I may have to send them an email and ask them to do the group on-stage thing online again! It would really get everyone interested in the great ideas and products that we sell!
Who wouldn't like to receive this jar?
So stinkin' CUTE!

My note taking during the online live feed left a LOT to be desired. I think she called this one a "Wedding Jar." She simply placed the cutout on the jar and then spritzed it with our Shimmer Paint. What a cute (and EASY) idea! Add a little ribbon and you have a wonderful gift!
Using cutout and shimmer paint

The next two pictures go together. The first is the bottom part of the jar and the second is what sticks out of the jar. AND it is for someone's wedding! What a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift!
Bottom part of the gift
the jar portion

Top part of the gift - complete with photo!
There is even a gift card on the back of the photo.
How original!

Ok, and here's a really fun part of Convention AND Regionals. They announce that it is time for a Prize Patrol and post a picture on the screen of what the prize is.

Then they announce which wristband is the winning color/design...

Then the winners stand so the wonderful Stampin'Up! staff can find them to give them their prizes...
She looks so happy, doesn't she?

And it makes it so much easier for the staff to find you when you wave your arms. Remember when my wedding band went flying at Regionals (this post)? YUP! This is exactly what I was doing at that time too!
Look at all the people!
You really do need to stand and wave your arms to be noticed.
Just don't lose your wedding set!

Hope you have enjoyed the photos. And hope to see you at Convention 2013 - I WILL be there! Will you?

Carry On Hostess Set - Fact!

UPDATE: My fabulous upline has advised that it IS true! I've also read (from others) that it could be as early as NEXT WEEK! So, if you are looking to receive this set - NOW is the time to book your workshop!

As many of you are, since I'm also not at Convention, I've been blog-stalking. The WOW things that are at Convention, are well... you know.... WOW! :)

But seriously, Stampin' Up had a Hostess Set called Carry On and shortly after the catalog was introduced, the set was no longer available. Not much was said "officially" but there were rumors abound on the 'net.

Well, apparently, the set is going to be available again sometime soon. I'll post more as I know more. As of right now, there is NOT an official "yes it will be" so don't count on it yet. But, if it was announced at the 2012 Stampin'Up! Convention...

And, if you click on my link on the right to "Follow Me on Pinterest," I've been adding some of the cool things I've been viewing from Convention. AND if you'd like to receive my blog updates by email - the link is on the left!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stampin'Up! Video - Convention 2012 Lip Dub!

OH MY GOSH!!! Did you see? Did you see?

I'm talking about the video from Stampin'Up!'s Convention 2012. This year the theme is "I am." LOVE IT!!!

You get to see the offices where the wonderful Demonstrator Support people work, the fabulous warehouse (it is just so clean - they must work really hard at keeping it that way!), and then it finishes up with the STAGE AT CONVENTION!!!! I had heard that they opened with a musical number and I'm guessing this is it. WOW!!!

I already have my hotel reservations for NEXT year, which is Stampin'Up!'s 25 year! Want to join me and my upline/downline and friends? Become a demonstrator! You can tell we have so much fun. What other job do you know of that has this much fun!

OH - you may want to watch this a couple of times (or even more...). Did you notice the unicycle? What about the ladies shirts that match the SU! fabric behind them? Recognize the lady at 1:33 of the video - YUP! Co-founder and CEO Shelli Gardner! What about the hula-hoops (I could never work those things - good thing I don't need one of those for my job, huh?)? AND, did you know that guy that pops out at 2:09 on the video - that is Rich Jutkins and he's the PRESIDENT of Stampin'Up! What are some of the other things YOU notice? Post a comment here so we can all see - the more eyes the better!

Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Holiday Mini, I mean Holiday Catalog...

Crafters -

I have received my Holiday Minis, I mean the 2012 Holiday Catalogs! Remember looking at the Mini Catalogs that Stampin'Up! used to have? Well, those are a thing of the past!

The 2012 Stampin'Up! Holiday Catalog is larger - 8.5" x 11" and wait until you see the wonderful items inside of it! You will just LOVE the new catty - I know I do!

I have finished delivering the Holiday Catalogs to my customers. Have you received yours yet? Would you like one? If so, contact me and I can drop one off to you - or you can swing by here and pick one up.

Let me know if you'd like one.

OH, and did I mention? We'll be using one of the new stamp sets and embossing folders at the August 4th card class (click for more information) - for the Christmas card design. Such an easy card and just so pretty!

That's just ONE of the many benefits of becoming a Stampin'Up! demonstrator - we get to preorder the items so we can play with prepare for upcoming classes and workshops. If you'd like to join my Latte Joy Stampers (my downline), contact me or click here for more information!

Hope to see you here on August 4th!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peloton with Postage Due Stamp Set

Crafters - 

As many of you know, my husband is a cyclist. That is the MAIN reason I purchased the Postage Due stamp set. I made his birthday card out of it - and he LOVED it!

A little background first, before you get to the cards... Today was Stage 13 of the Tour de France. There are 20 stages. The "peloton" is the pack of riders. The yellow jersey or the "maillot jaune" is for the day's winner (the guy in front). The green jersey is for the best sprinter (fastest guy). The polka dot jersey is for the "King of the Mountains" (best climber). If you ever get to watch any of the Tour, it is great to watch. It's kinda like NASCAR but without the vehicles. FYI - this is all my layman's terms; hubby can describe it WAY better!

Here's how I started all of this...
If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind,
of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?
Albert Einstein

SO, because hubby actually likes and uses my cards (isn't he just a gem!), I wanted to make some for him. And I saw Dawn Griffith's card, so since she just has the BESTEST first name... I CASEd her card and made these:
Summer Starfruit
My version of the Yellow Jersey or the Maillot Jaune
Gumball Green
My version of the Green Sprinter's Jersey
Raspberry Ripple
My version of Red Polka Dot King of the Mountains (KoM) Jersey
Midnight Muse
Primrose Petals
Pool Party
Lucky Limeade
Island Indigo

And here's my version of the Postage Due Stamp Set Peloton - look out Tour de France, Postage Due is on your heels!  :)  If you've ever watched the Tour, you see all kinds of bright colors. Aren't the InColors just PERFECT for this Peloton?
The entire Peloton with the Maillot Jaune (yellow = Summer Starfruit) leading the pack,
followed closely by the King of the Mountains (red = Raspberry Ripple)
and the Sprinter (green = Gumball Green) right behind.

Hope you enjoy the cards and much as I enjoyed making them! OH - and so you know just how quick and easy these are, I made two of each color for a total of 16 cards. I completed them, included assembly, within two hours. As I was making them for hubby, he didn't want any of the bows and ribbons, so that saved a LOT of time. Quick and EASY! Let me know if you want to do this card at YOUR workshop!

Supplies used (click on the item's link to order from my online store):
Whisper White Craft Stampin'Pad
Heat Tool (to speed the drying time of the Craft Stampin'Pad)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The "Why" Questions...

Why do I need a demonstrator?  
Why should I choose Dawn Stock as my demonstrator?  
Why should I become a demonstrator?
Why should I choose Dawn Stock as my upline?

HHmmmm...... all excellent questions! Thank you for asking!  :)   And I chose purple shades because one of my girlfriends always has something purple. I think her day is good when she wears purple (or has purple close by...). So thanks Teresa Jane - I'm sharing purples because of YOU today!

Ok, onto the questions....

Why do I need a demonstrator?
Well, let's see... The catalog has a GREAT bunch of all kinds of stuff; cardstock, and ribbon, and brads, oh my! Sizzix dies, and punches, and markers, oh my! And a whole lot more! First, you need a demonstrator if you want to have a workshop in your home. It's almost like a mini card party brought right to you! Second, your demonstrator should be knowledgeable. Not about everything, of course. But your demonstrator should be able to show you how to play with the items you purchase. Do you know how to use everything in the catalog? I have a LOT of stuff and I don't know everything about everything in the catalog! But I know who to ask when I have questions about the stuff...

Why should I choose Dawn Stock as my demonstrator?
I know when I first became a demo, I had a LOT to learn. I had only one Stampin'Up! stamp set before I became a demo. I had never been to a workshop EVER and when my Starter Kit came... I kinda looked at some of the things and went "Ha! Now what?" Guess what? I learned how to use the stuff and MORE! I offer card classes and use some of the latest products so you can try-them-before-you-buy-them! I have an online store so you can place your order at 2am if you'd like - I also can take orders using my paper order forms here - best of BOTH worlds! Many of my friends (who are also customers) will tell you that I'm usually up at 3am, so you can usually email me at that time and get a response right away too! (FYI - the 3am thing - that is not a guarantee - please don't call me at that hour - emails are ALWAYS welcome though! Thanks so much for understanding that one!  hahaha!). And many times, I offer a class or technique class for my customers so they can learn how to play with the items they purchase. The items aren't worth much if you pay for them and they sit on a shelf. You will bless others when you use your products. Think of the story about the talents (or bags of gold) in Matthew 25:14-30.

Why should I become a demonstrator? 
Do you like everything in the catalog? Or at least MOST of it? Do you WANT almost everything in the catalog? As I've told customers for years, I'm more than happy to take your orders and your money as your demonstrator. Feel free to contact me to place your order, I'll show you have to play with the items, you can always email me about the products you have ordered from me. BUT, if you are going to purchase the items anyway, why not pay yourself? As a demonstrator, you earn 20% when someone places an order - and you SAVE 20% when you order from yourself. But right now, and actually this is the way it is scheduled to be from now on, you get your Starter Kit for $99. They have listed a Sample Starter Kit and some suggested items. AND you actually receive up to $125 in merchandise. Now, correct me if my math is wrong, but that is MORE than the regular 20%. AND with your first order within 45 days of signing up, you also will receive an extra 10%. If you will be purchasing enough to qualify for a workshop, you should become a demonstrator. You receive a FREE box of catalogs with your Starter Kit - hand them out to YOUR friends so they can order from YOU! You don't have to have workshops or classes, but you can if you want. You don't have to have a downline (people who sign up under you), but you can if you want. You can take the Starter Kit and run. You can become a business builder and become the FOURTH person to sell over $1 million in Stampin'Up! product. I was there at Convention when the first lady achieved that goal. Let me assure you - Stampin'Up! is the kind of company that really takes care of their demonstrators (in my humble opinion, of course!). And Stampin'Up! appreciates both their hobbyists and their business builders. I was also there when I heard Shelli Gardner, CEO and co-founder state "We came to this dance with the hobbyists. We will leave this dance with the hobbyists." She said this at the 2008 Convention. Let me tell you - I got goosebumps when she said it. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that she meant it too. Remember Dave Thomas in the Wendy's commercials? To me, Dave Thomas was Wendy's - I couldn't think of one without the other. Shelli Gardner is the same with Stampin'Up! She IS Stampin'Up! And who doesn't want to have a job with such a fun boss?

Why should I choose Dawn Stock as my upline?
Because our meetings are so much fun! Because we learn from others as we share our gifts and talents with each other. Because we have become friends through this wonderful crafting "cult" as my husband calls it! It's really not a cult, I can promise you that! But it is a LOT of fun. As many of you know, I was a demonstrator for a few years but quit last year. I rejoined after waiting the six months (Stampin'Up!'s rules, not mine) and I rejoined the first day I was able to rejoin. FYI - Stampin'Up! has since changed that rule to only 90 days now. THANK YOU STAMPIN'UP! for that change too! Anyway, I'm here to stay now - I have a wonderful upline who helps TREMENDOUSLY with training and running this like a business. If you no longer have an active upline, you can resign (quit) before the end of the month and then on the 10th business day of the following month, you can rejoin. AND you get all the same things just like a NEW demonstrator would. With all the savings! But seriously, you can ask my downline, both current and former members - my downline meetings are a lot of fun. We learn so much while we are together. We meet quarterly and the next few meetings are already scheduled. Click on the "Latte Joy (downline" link here.)

So that should answer most of the "why" questions in a nutshell. If I missed something, please feel free to ask me. Hope to see YOU at one of my Latte Joy Stampers meetings soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Groovy Guava Gives ME a Reason to Smile!

Crafters -

As you know, during the month of July, you can purchase the limited edition Reason to Smile stamp set from Stampin'Up! for $5 with a $50 merchandise order. I'm not much of a flower-type-of-girl, but I really like this stamp set. 

First, it is such a deal at $5 - because I knew I was already going to spend the $50 - so why not get it for $5, right? Did I mention that Stampin'Up! even provides an Idea Sheet? YUP! Here it is!

Second, I mentioned this stamp set FOUR times on my blog already - here, here, here, and here... AND it is only July 8th! BTW - here's what I did on Saturday while my crafters were working on their Christmas in July cards. (Yes, it is my old favorite Groovy Guava - can you believe I still have the cardstock, the Designer Series Paper, AND the ribbon? Yeah, me either - BUT the ribbon is now officially gone! I LOVE this retired color - it's just such a happy color!)
Using retired Groovy Guava and Dusty Durango, along with current Wild Wasabi.
Isn't it GREAT to combine the old with the new?
Yes - it gives me a Reason to Smile when I see these cards!

I also made these with the stamp set. Yes, this is so similar to the Groovy Guava ones, that I won't count it as a separate design. OH -- and I found this design online. It was from a demo overseas... I've misplaced the blog/website right now, but I know I have it somewhere. If it is you, PLEASE tell me and I'll give you the credit. I LOVE the design and can see me making LOTS more of this design. Thank you (whoever you are!) for sharing YOUR gifts and talents with the masses!
This card design is just SO striking IRL (in real life) - LOVE IT!

And last, here's one more reason to really like this stamp set...
If you place your order through me (online or contact me directly), and you purchase the Reason to Smile stamp set from me, I'd like to invite you to a FREE card class where you will make FOUR cards using YOUR Reason to Smile stamp set. You'll need to bring your Reason to Smile stamp set, along with your Crafter's Kit. The class will be offered Saturday, August 4th from 2pm until 3pm. You will need to let me know by Saturday, July 28th,  if you will be attending so I'll have enough cards for you!

Make it a GREAT Day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas in July Card Class

Crafters -

Well, what do you think? Here are the cards we made at today's Christmas in July card class.
Christmas in July 2012

We combined embossing, using the Big Shot, watercoloring, sponging, and a few others to make these cards. A good time was had by all!

The next class is scheduled for Saturday, August 4th and you can get the details here. You must RSVP by Saturday, July 28th. Hope to see you here!

Stamp Sets used for Christmas in July class:
Christmas Blessings
Christmas Deer
Christmas Lodge
Easy Events
More Merry Messages


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Crafters -

Today is Independence Day! Happy Birthday America!

I was fortunate enough last night to be able to watch the Columbus fireworks on TV with my family. This is Columbus' 200th year, so they really did it BIG! HUGE, as a matter of fact!

Red, White, and Boom 2012 was "BOOMing" as the news reported. If you missed the show, or are looking for something really good on TV tonight at 7pm, here's what one of the local stations wrote on their website: "If you missed the fireworks, don't worry! NBC4 will rebroadcast the biggest Independence fireworks display in the Midwest, Red, White & BOOM!, on Wednesday, July 4 at 7 p.m." and here's the article. Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did!

I loved watching the entire time (it was about 30 minutes or so), but I have to tell you - the last 10 minutes were FABULOUS! The colors, the coordination, the display, and the presentation were WOW! Isn't that neat? We plan our cards using the same thought-process - the colors, the coordination (of those colors), the display of the card, and finally, the presentation to the card recipient. Two totally different things - fireworks and cards - and yet, the behind the scenes thought-process is very similar is some ways...

Later this week, I'll be prepping for my downline meeting at the end of the month. Yes, I'm a bit of a planner...  :)  And the theme for my downline's shoebox swap is the "10-minute card." I may have to listen to the soundtrack from the Red, White and Boom show while I put together my shoebox swap card!

And if you'd like to stroll down Amnesia Lane with me for a minute... Here's me, about 25 years ago...
Me - from many, MANY, years ago...

And my kid brother and me together at our Grandma's...
Although he's my kid brother, he's WAY taller than me!
(don't you just LOVE my 80s hair!)

And our Grandpa from many more years ago...
My uncle and his boys look a LOT like my Grandpa!

When you see our military today, both current and veteran, please thank them. Our many freedoms come at such a price and at great sacrifice to them, yet they do so willingly. I thank God that we have a volunteer military in this country and I thank the many men and women and their families for blessing OUR lives so that we may continue to enjoy those freedoms.

Thank you! And Happy Birthday America!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Reason to Smile and Made for You Stamp Sets

Crafters -

Can I tell you how nice the Reason to Smile stamp set is? And I have only just begun to play with the set! As a demonstrator, I have access to this wonderful group through Stampin'Up! called Stampin'Connection. Demonstrators from across the world can post, including pictures. Well, I saw a card the other day and she used both the Designer Frames Folder embosslit, along with one of the Labels Collection Framelits, on her card.  I decided to use that idea and combine it with my Reason to Smile AND my Made for You Stamp sets.

Check this out (click on the picture to enlarge it):
Designer Frames Folder AND Labels Collection Framelits

I will give you a tip that I learned the hard way. Emboss it FIRST, then you will want to use your Framelit. I was doing it that way, but it kinda "flattened" the embossing, so I thought... "Hey, why not do it the other way around? That way my embossing stays really sharp!" Yeah... best laid plans, huh? In theory, it should have worked that way each and every time. Yeah... only about two out of three, or in my case, four out of six. Sometimes, things just move the way they want to move - although it could be operator-error. (smile)  I think I'll go back to embossing first, and THEN use the Framelit. Live and learn, huh?

I really like the new Primrose Petals InColor. It is a Dynamic Duo with Pink Pirouette and I wanted to make an easy and fast card. This is what the card using those colors. I also used the NEW Fancy Fan Folder and the Extra-Large Oval Punch on the card.
Reason to Smile using Pink Pirouette and Primrose Petals cardstocks

I really liked the combination, so I thought I'd try combining the Primrose Petals with the Raspberry Ripple, as they are both in the same color family. Don't you just LOVE how you know everything matches within the color families? It makes it so much easier for people like me. I think this will make a much nicer FALL birthday card. Just seems a little muted for me, especially with the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having here - I want light, bright and summer-y right now!
Reason to Smile using Primrose Petals and Raspberry Ripple cardstocks

Hope you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed making them!

Supplies used (click on each item to view the item):
Reason to Smile stamp set (wood mount #131274, clear mount #131275)
Made for You stamp set
Primrose Petals marker (part of the 2012-2014 InColor Stampin'Write Markers)
Raspberry Ripple marker (part of the 2012-2014 InColor Stampin'Write Markers)
Gumball Green marker (part of the 2012-2014 InColor Stampin'Write Markers)