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New Year is Around the Corner...

Well, crafters, the new year is almost here - Since I have turned 35 or so...  (smile)... it seems that the days go by so much quicker.

Couple of changes for me, especially with the New Year right around the corner:
1) Stampin'Up!
2) New 'do!

Many of you already know this, but I decided to take a break from Stampin'Up! at the end of October. As of this month, there will also be a new Lead for the Columbus Ronald McDonald House Charities. I do not yet know who it will be, but this charity is very important. If you have helped out in previous months with me, I hope you will continue to offer your gifts and talents to the new person.

Originally I had planned to wait just the required six months and then sign up under someone different (those are Stampin'Up!'s rules, not mine). However, now that classes are done, and I have a LOT more time, I have found that although I miss the fellowship with my friends when we craft, I can still craft with my friends! Just without having …

13 Inches Donated to Locks of Love!

I'd like to know how on EARTH I misspelled "Palm"? Really? And it had just started to rain when I was trying to take the picture in my car. Wanted to take it right away to the Post Office to mail. Of course, the rain has now turned to snow. YEAH! LOVE this weather! Perfect for crafting and staying inside!

Ok, so my Master's is done, I now have a professional short hairstyle, and I have donated my hair to Locks of Love. Onto CRAFTING!!!!

My actual graduation ceremony is about two weeks away and yes, I will be completing the walk. Really, I just want the Master's hood, but..

I have my wonderful craft room that is so neglected. THAT is one of my New Year's Resolutions. How about you? Of course, losing weight is also one of the resolutions (isn't it every year?), but I think the crafting one will be a LOT more fun! :)

I'm going to take a few days off to enjoy with family - hope you do too! Have a wonderful and Happy New Year!

Locks of Love

Crafters - We make a difference in many ways. Our cards can bring someone's spirit up, let them know we care about them, and just give a great deal of personal interaction. We enjoy looking at our scrapbooks and pictures and re-living the moments when those pictures and memories were made.
In our household, we enjoy reading and sharing our comic strips (the boy LOVES to read us different comics that he enjoys - and that he knows WE enjoy!). One of the comics is ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. Here's one of their fabulous comics that ran in May 2003.

Here's the link to the article from King Features about that comic too.
To donate hair to Locks of Love, the minimum donation is 10 inches in length. So I will be seeing Chelley at Divine Angles to have my hair cut tomorrow!

Lock's of Love's Public Service Announcement video.
If you are interested in more information about Locks of Love, please go to their website at

We can each make a difference in …

Did you see...

the Sherman's Lagoon comic strip today (Sunday, December 18, 2011)?

THAT is why I like to send handmade cards! I wonder if Jim Toomey knows someone who is a cardmaker or scrapbooker? Or maybe he just likes handmade cards? I think I may send him one of my Christmas cards. Of course, he's way bigger than my little cardmaking, so he might not receive it in time for Christmas - it'll have to go through his people first. But I think I'll send one anyway!
And, as many of you know, I just finished (as of yesterday, Saturday, December 17th!) my final class for my degree. YEAH!!!!! I am waiting on my final grade, so because Christmas is just one week away... guess what I have been doing yesterday and today? 

My goal is to get these finished today and out in the mail tomorrow - yeah, that's my goal! They will probably go out on Tuesday instead. LOVE that the Main Post office is on my way to work!  :)
Enjoy the ritual of sending cards to those who make a difference in our lives. …

"A Date Which Will Live in Infamy..."

December 7, 1941 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
Here's an article showing Pearl Harbor today, 70 years later, and in December, 1941.

While I haven't yet had the honor of visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, I do know that I have many brave men (and women) to thank for the freedoms I have in this country.
So, to our wonderful friend Joe Keihn, who served on the Tennessee on that fateful day, and to all of the veterans who give so selflessly so we may enjoy these freedoms, we say "Thank you."

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ - Matthew 25:21 (NIV)

* The Official Site for the Pearl Harbor Memorial is located here.

Thank You Ronald McDonald House!

Look what I received in the mail today!

and here's what they wrote:
Wasn't that so nice of them?!
I still think that we were the ones who should be saying "Thank You" to them. WE were the ones who were blessed on Sunday...

Ronald McDonald House Charities - Christmas Cards!

Crafters -
Yes, I know it is nearing the end of November, but it is still "nice" weather here. Although it is becoming a little cooler...
On Sunday, Geneva, Steph, and I went to Ronald McDonald House and made Christmas cards.

Here are the designs we used:

If you recognize the pretty bows - they are made using Lee Conrey's Magic Bow Maker (LOVE that thing!). Geneva demonstrated it at the Dames meeting in October.
And, if you look at the cards and go "those look familiar, but..." you may be right! I patterned them after Sandi MacIver's Countdown to Christmas Project #5 card. In case you didn't know, Sandi and Lee are in the same Stampin' group! How fun is that?
Anyway, we had about 9 children who made about 20 cards, we also had 3 adults making cards as well. It was a kinda rainy, drizzly day - PERFECT for cardmaking!
If you have never made cards at Ronald McDonald House, you should. You will be blessed tenfold. We were so busy, I wasn't able to take pi…

BEAUTIFUL Handmade Birthday Cards and the Boy's Creation!

Crafters -
Here are some of the birthday cards I received. These are the handmade ones. Aren't they just beautiful?
You can click on the picture to enlarge it. I will tell you that this picture just does not do them justice. They are SO MUCH PRETTIER in real life! You will notice the one on the bottom right doesn't really look handmade. It's from Stampin'Up! and it is made using My Digital Studio. THEN, those beautiful jewels were added.
These wonderful people were so kind to send me these handmade cards - and you notice, the WOW! style (when you open the envelope or card, you can't help but just say "WOW!").
So thank you to these wonderful crafters for their gifts and talents by sending their beautiful handmade creations to me.
Please know - I appreciate ALL of the wonderful cards that I received for my birthday (and there were some BEAUTIFUL storebought cards - I will SO be CASE*-ing those!), but since I do try to stay with crafting and stamping on this b…

My Birthday Butterfly...

Today is my birthday, and I think our son was more excited about that than I am! Maybe something with the number of my birthday, but... (HUGE smile!).
So, yesterday the boy had Art class at school and came home with ink all over his hands! You know what that looks like! When I asked him about it, he said that he was making me something in Art for my birthday but he wouldn't give it to me until tomorrow (now today). Oh the anticipation!
Guess what I received this morning, beautifully decorated?
As that wonderful person Anonymous has stated "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." So although I don't like getting older, I do like the experiences I'm able to enjoy. Especially through the eyes of my child.
And I think he may like paper crafting as much as his dear old mom! And, his words not mine -  "because butterflies are symmetrical," he signed BOTH wings on the back (name and year) - how wonderful was that?

Off to enjoy my FREE Birthday co…

Taking a little break...

Crafters -
Thanks so much for everyone who came to the Crafts Fair on Saturday. I had so much fun! It was nice seeing faces I only see once a year, at the Crafts Fair, too!  :)
In all seriousness, I am now officially in my final MBA class. There is a paper, a project, and lots of work each week in this final class. That's ok with me - I don't have to write a thesis!  :)
With that in mind, I will be off-line for a few weeks. I'm not saying that I won't be posting. I am saying that it will be hit or miss. Instead of you checking my blog and being disappointed because I haven't posted anything, you may wish to sign up for the "follow by email" on the right side of this posting. Then you will receive an email WITH the new posting sent right to your inbox!
Thank you so much for understanding. This has been a long year and a half, but as my very first real boss told me when I was just 18 years old "an education is something that can never be taken away from yo…

Cypress Crafts Fair on SATURDAY!

Where does the time go? I do this every year, and you'd think I'd realize it is nearing the first Saturday of November, but... Oh well.

Here are a few of the items that I have been finalizing and will have for sale on Saturday, November 5th at the Cypress Christian School Craft Bazaar. It is open from 9a-3p and admission is $2.00.

Cypress Christian School is located at 377 Alton Darby Creek Road in Galloway. To get there, you will take 270 to 70 west, exit at 91A and turn left on Hilliard Rome Road. Cross over the bridge and take the first right (Feder Road). At the intersection of Feder and Alton Darby Creek you will turn left. The church will be on the right side of the railroad tracks.

I will also have some of my retired items for sale (stamp sets, papers, ribbons, etc.). 

Hope to see you there!

Louisville Regional!

What a GREAT time! Yesterday, several of us drove to Louisville, Kentucky for the Stampin'Up! Regional (Thanks so much to Steph for driving the ENTIRE time - YOU ROCK!).
Upon arrival, we saw the fabulous Bonnie Thurber. She was kind enough to pose for a picture.
Stampin'Up! changed the format for this Regional slightly. Some for the better and some I didn't enjoy as well (in my humble opinion). I LOVED how they have us all sitting at the lined-up tables with EVERYONE facing the front stage. That was SO NICE!  It allowed everyone to see the main stage without having to turn around.
After the initial introduction, everyone received crafting time to go to the TWO designated areas to complete the two Make-and-Takes. I wasn't sure about this, at first, then I decided that I really liked this change as well. There were a total of six of us that sat together; we broke into sets of two. Just like a restaurant - it is easier to get seats of two together, rather than a group …

FREE Downloads (after completing a quick survey)

Who doesn't LOVE FREE?!?!?!

Mark your calendar with Stampin' Up!'s four-day online celebration of Digital Scrapbooking Day!
According to the Stampin'Up! DEMONSTRATOR side of the website (only demonstrators can see this part), customers can access the free downloads after completing a quick survey. These are brand-new, never seen before FREE downloads!

Make sure you go to on November 4th-7th!

Cards to the Winner of the Dames Challenge

Crafters -
As you read yesterday, Nina won both challenges. Here are the two sets of cards she received as her "prizes."

Hope she enjoys them!

Congratulations Nina!

Dames meeting today!

Crafters -
First, let me tell you about the wonderful ladies in my downline. We had our quarterly downline meeting today. These fabulous Dames showed up with coffee, pumpkin doughnuts from the Circleville Pumpkin Festival (thanks Steph!), and chocolate (never met a chocolate I didn't like - thanks Geneva!)!
We had two demonstrations today. I don't know about the rest of you, but I struggle with bow-tying. Am I alone in this? I'm a-thinkin' not!  :)
Stephanie demonstrated how to make bows using brads, first. How come I never thought of this?

Then, Geneva demonstrated bows using Lee Conrey's Magic Bow Maker. Let me assure you, we have a group order for Ms. Conrey! We literally went "Wow..." after seeing Geneva demonstrate it for us!

Then we had our Challenge winner (see this post for our Dames Challenge), Nina. She won on BOTH the closest to $50, along with the most DIFFERENT cards/projects using her items. Way to go Nina! (If you are a new stamper, see how easy…