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Crafters -
As many of you are aware, we will be moving soon. Boxes have been packed but there is still so many more boxes to pack and other things to do. Thank GOD for family and friends! :)
I will be updating this VERY sporadically through the next month. Please feel free to check back, but know that I may be missing for a few days.
If you would like to place an order, you can either call or email me. OR you can visit my Demo Website at and place your order directly from the site.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding...

Where Does the Time Go?

Can you believe it is almost time for school to begin? I cannot!!!
AND it is almost time for the Extra Hostess Benefits to end too - don't forget to book your workshop and earn those extra freebies before it is too late. Those extra benefits end on August 31st.
It is also a GREAT time to sign up as a demonstrator. On your first order you will save the extra 10% (as long as your first order is placed within a certain time frame - 45 days from when you sign up!) AND you can get those extra hostess benefits on your first order too!
What a GREAT deal, I am telling you.
Book your workshop or sign up as a demonstrator now - before it is too late...