Friday, December 2, 2016

Card Ministry Projects!

Crafters -

Many of you know that I am involved at our church's Card Ministry. We began MANY years ago as a Scrapbook Ministry, but we have evolved to our current Card Ministry.

We send out between 400-500 cards annually to shut-ins, graduates, parents of new babies, sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, and just general thinking of you cards.

We have a daytime group that meets twice a month, and an evening group that meets once a month. We have a few crossovers - because crafting is just so much fun!  :)

Well, last year, because our crafters donate so much of their time and talents, along with all of their supplies, the three of us leaders got together to plan an evening of fellowship and fun. It allows our two groups to get together and just have fun!

Thursday night was our night of fellowship. Want to see what we made?
Card Ministry Fellowship
December 1, 2016

We had a BLAST! Everyone brought some type of finger food along (yummy) and one couple even brought PIZZA! YEAH!!! Crafting AND food, who knew?!

Because we are two different groups that rarely see each other, except in passing, we each stood and introduced ourselves. We even have THREE ladies who regularly attend our Card Ministry, who attend OTHER churches in our area. It was SO humbling to hear them introduce themselves AND two of them have started Card Ministries at their home churches! 

We also had one new lady, again from another local church. After attending ours, she told me that she had so much fun. She's actually going to look into starting a Card Ministry at HER church! 

God. Is. Awesome!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Year-End Closeouts


Order the Year-End Closeouts NOWBefore they are GONE!

And did you notice? There are MANY items from the BIG catalog and THOSE are even marked down! Talk about Christmas coming early!

Remember to use HOST CODE 4XFZ9EPF and I will send you 5 cards from my card rack with your $25 merchandise order (before shipping and tax).

Looking to book your party with me? 
Calendar for December 2016-January 2017

I've updated my calendar. You can always see it HERE but I've included it on this posting too. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wonderful Winterland Paper Pumpkin

Crafters -

My Pumpkineers met last night. We were few but mighty!

I absolutely LOVE the cards in this kit. There are eight (8) cards and envelopes in this kit. And there is stamping, and layering, and vellum, and just they are WOW cards! LOVE THEM!

So, because I always make two to three additional items for my Pumpkineers to make when we meet, but I didn't want to cut up the cards, so I designed three separate items using only our stamps (and the sequins).

Check out what we made!
Group projects made on November 29th

Here are Betty's projects:
Betty's Projects

And Nancy's projects:
Nancy's Projects

And finally, Faye's projects:
Faye's Projects

Did you notice the little reindeer in Faye's? That was my little gift to the crafters who attended! It's a snack size Hershey bar! Remember the old "candy bar sliders" that we used to make - like 10-15 years ago? I just modified it to fit the snack size candy bar.

A good time was had by all and we will next meet on Tuesday, December 27th. A perfect break during the Christmas time!

Hope you enjoyed these projects as much as we enjoyed making them!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Buckeye Class...

was an absolute BLAST this morning!

Check out a quick video showing the WOW! card we made.


(What do you think? This is my first video IN YEARS!!!)

Hope you enjoy this card as much as we did making it!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crafters -

Today is Thursday, November 24th, 2016. It is Thanksgiving. A day to spend with friends and families and count our blessings. I know we each have so many...

Last week was a little busy; but busy in a GREAT way. I had a private card class, my monthly Coffee and Cards class, our church Card Ministry finished their annual fundraiser, and I was also blessed to go to Ronald McDonald House to make turkeys with some of the residents.

You see, Stampin'Up! is a sponsor with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). Actually, if you look in the back of the catalog, you will see that each year, Stampin'Up! offers an exclusive set and they donate $3 of each stamp set purchased!

I'm the Lead Demonstrator with the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Something I take very serious. We schedule a monthly date with the residents and we craft. Stampin'Up! recommends that we are there for only two hours, including set up and tear down. Some months other demonstrators volunteer; other months, I'm the sole demo.

The last couple of months, I have incorporated chocolate into our crafting projects. Let me tell you! Chocolate gets them REALLY crafting! :)  Even the boys come over to make the projects! It's been absolutely wonderful!

Well, Sunday, November 13th, was the November crafting day. Want to see what they made?
Turkeys made by the kids

Turkeys made by the kids

And the kids were SO great! We had a little bit of difficulty getting these little guys to smile for my camera. So the kids were off screen telling the turkeys to "say gobble-gobble! say gobble-gobble!" I think it made the turkeys smile so pretty for the camera! Thank you to all the kids who made the turkeys!

We put our stuffing of snack size M&Ms into the turkeys too. (The crafting boys and I decided that it was turkey poop - LOTS of smiles, even from the pre-teens!)

And finally, this is all I had left, after bringing 40 turkeys! I left them at the front counter for the residents.
My turkeys - left at the front desk for residents!

Our next crafting day will be Sunday, December 11th. I look forward to seeing other demonstrators at the crafting and hope to bring more smiles to the residents.

So then,
just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord,
continue to live your lives in him,
rooted and built up in him,
strengthened in the faith as you were taught,
and overflowing with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6-7 (NIV)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Coffee and Cards - November 19th

Crafters -

Saturday is my Coffee and Cards class. I just LOVE the card designs!

Want to see a little sneak peek of one of the cards?

LOVE it - with all the sparkles!

I cut a few extras, so if you still want to attend, just let me know by 3pm Eastern TODAY (November 18th)!

See you soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Buckeye Class!

You know that I have been making all kinds of items with the Curvy Box die!

Brutus, by far, has been my best seller at the Craft Fairs. So it got me thinking...

Brutus. Buckeyes. Football. Chocolate buckeyes!

I seem to recall that there is a game on Saturday, November 26th. 10 days from now. Maybe you have heard about it? And, my husband makes the ABSOLUTE BEST BUCKEYES, hands down! He didn't even share the recipe with me until AFTER our 15th wedding anniversary!

Well, he said he would make buckeyes for me for this one-day only class!

So, who would like to come to a special Buckeye class? This will be on Saturday, November 26th, from 9a-12p. Kickoff is at noon, so you will still make it home in time for the halftime show!

We will be making my version of Brutus using the Curvy Box Die, a Christmas card for your favorite Buckeye, and one additional item (it's a surprise!). And, you will be able to take home a CHOCOLATE  buckeye to place inside Brutus for your favorite Buckeye THAT DAY! There will also be a few chocolate buckeyes to snack on - we must do quality control before we give them out! :)

This class will be $15 BUT WAIT! Stampin'Up! will also be offering an ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA during this time! So, when you place your minimum order DURING THE CLASS, your class fee will be waived! Free chocolate and you get to save money by ordering during the Online Extravaganza? Win-Win-SCORE! (*Note - The order will be placed after the class. With the Online Extravaganza, sale items are only available for a short time.)

You must RSVP by Wednesday, November 23rd (day before Thanksgiving) so I have everything cut, ready, and there are PLENTY of chocolate buckeyes to share! Not able to attend? No problem! I will also be offering an online version. You will just miss out on the good chocolate buckeyes that my husband makes! :(

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Brutus Buckeye - O-H!


Yes! It is football season! Now, I know it is football season all over the country, but here in Central Ohio, we have this little team called the Buckeyes. Perhaps you have heard of them?  :)

Well, Brutus is a FAVORITE here in Columbus! He is EVERYWHERE!

Guess what I made for this weekend's Craft Fair?


This little guy is all over pinterest and the internet. I'm not sure who the first one was who made him, but I'm so glad he or she did!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's Still Me!


I have been playing with getting my calendars set up for the next few months, and I thought... hmmm.... I really should update my header on my blog. And my Facebook page. And my Stampin'Up! website. It's that whole "if you give a mouse a cookie" type of thing!

Stampin'Up! no longer has My Digital Studio. Which is how I had completed my header all those years ago (I sure do miss MDS too!). SO, this new "Latte Joy Stampers" is from a bag I had made YEARS ago!

You see my team is called the Latte Joy Stampers. I do like coffee and, I'm not sure I should admit this, but... I like my coffee just a little tiny bit. "Hi! My name is Dawn, and I LOVE coffee!" :)

So, since this graphic is on my bag that I carry around town, and I've always liked it... Well... I decided to place it on my business pages.

AND, I've even revised my Calendar to use it - AND a QR code (thank you for my teenager who understands technology!).

Check me out!
November 2016 Calendar

Hope you enjoy this new graphic!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stitched Shapes Framelits - Stampin' Up!

What a GREAT November 1st, huh?

Two years ago, we had SNOW in October. Today, it is absolutely beautiful outside! I should be doing some yard work, but... well... I don't really want to. I'll think about it tomorrow...

AND - did you see? Stampin'Up! has a new item that will be in the BIG catalog come June 2017. You know how great Stampin'Up! is, right? Well, guess what?! They are allowing us to ORDER IT beginning today! That's like OVER six extra months that we can use this!!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

Want to see what the new item is? It is called Stitched Shapes Framelits (click to order).
Stitched Shapes Framelits - LOVE THEM!

And here is a screen shot from the Stampin' Up! video - so you can see how great they are!
This is a screen shot from the video Stampin'Up! made.
REALLY shows off the framelits!

And they even have a nice little video to go along with it! Brandi is just so perky! (if you are reading this via email, you will need to go to my blog to watch the video. For some reason, videos do not show in the emails...)

And finally, and this really is a nice little bit of icing on the cake, BUT for the month of November only, we can order a few select stamp sets that coordinate with these framelits - and SAVE 25% on the retail price! SCORE!!!! You can see the selected stamp sets by clicking HERE. This is the flyer that they have provided which lists each of the stamp set AND their page numbers in the Holiday catalog and the big catalog!
Stitched from the Heart PromotionNovember 2016

I know, right?! Isn't it wonderful? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...  :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Season of Gratitude - Paper Pumpkin!

Crafters -

Seriously! How does Stampin'Up! keep making each monthly kit better than the previous one? Really?!

Shaker cards are so much fun - we all know that! And the October 2016 Season of Gratitude Paper Pumpkin has EIGHT of them! AND some really cool colored sequins for the shaker cards! Although - gotta be honest with you - There are so many sequins! I'm gluing a few of them onto cards as well!

Well, last night was our monthly Pumpkineer meeting. We had so much fun! We made a 3-D item (with chocolate, of course!), and 2 cards. I also demonstrated to the crafters the sneaky little tips I've gleamed over the years to make the shaker cards a little easier to put together!

So... want to see what we made?
Pumpkineer Projects
October 24, 2016
Season of Gratitude

AND here is the card I made demonstrating how to make the shaker cards!
Pumpkineer Demonstration of
Shaker Cards
Season of Gratitude
October 24, 2016

The November Pumpkineer meeting is the LAST Tuesday of November (November 29th) due to Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has fun enjoying family and good food that day!

If you would like to join the Paper Pumpkin subscription with me, you can join at: Make sure you see my name, Dawn Stock, as the listed demonstrator for your subscription!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Treat Bag Tutorial - Stampin' Up!

Crafters -

I had my Coffee and Cards Class this Saturday and we had so much fun! I'll post the cards tomorrow. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the cards my crafter made! 

But, I have started showing a little tip or technique during my classes. Want to see the tip or technique we made on Saturday?

We made these cute little Halloween Treat Bags using the Diaper Fold.
Halloween Treat Bags
Diaper Fold

And I just did a tutorial on this! I used Halloween paper for this tutorial.
Halloween Treat Bag
Diaper Fold Tutorial

What do you think? These are so quick and easy to make! I made several for my Craft Fair earlier this month and I'll have some for my upcoming fairs (November 5th - Cypress Wesleyan, 12 - Private Craft Fair, December 3rd - Canaan Land Church). 

Hope you are able to make some of these for YOUR teacher gifts, coworkers gifts, or just to brighten someone's day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Mats and Scoring Blades Now Available!

Crafters -

I know I gave a little bit of bad news yesterday when I told you about the Handheld Stapler being discontinued (you can read that blog posting HERE).

BUT I have some good news too!

Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Mats and Scoring Blades Now Available
We are happy to announce that we are bringing back the replacement Stampin' Trimmer Cutting Mats and Scoring Blades. These items will be available to you to start ordering on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Stampin' Trimmer Replacement Cutting Mat (item 131375); $4.00 US and Stampin' Trimmer Scoring Blades (item 126996); $5.00 US

We came to this decision by taking another look at the overall strategy of the Stampin' Trimmer and its supporting pieces, and we were able to work out issues with our supplier to be able to offer these items to you. Keep in mind that the cutting blade that comes with the Stampin' Trimmer does not make contact with the cutting mat so it should not wear it down. Like the cutting mat, the scoring blade is made to last and will not wear out. These replacements items may be helpful for you if you lose a piece or prefer to have extras on hand.

So, YEAH!!!! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Handheld Stapler Discontinued - Stampin' Up!

Crafters -

As many of you know, I participated in my first Craft Fair in several years this past weekend. I had so much fun! All of the prep work heading to the Craft Fair was SO WORTH IT!

I met so many people and just had a blast talking with everyone!

One of the items I used a GREAT deal while preparing for the Craft Fair was the Handheld Stapler. It was just the right size; I had extra Silver Mini Staples (and I went through those!); it was just the perfect tool for the job!

Well, I'm sad to say that the Handheld Stapler and the mini staples are being discontinued.

Here is what Stampin' Up! told us this morning:

Handheld Stapler Being Discontinued
Due to supplier issues outside of our control, the Handheld Stapler (item 139083) and coordinating Silver Mini Staples (item 135847) will be discontinued after our current inventory runs out. We apologize for any inconvenience, and encourage you to let your customers know about this change.

SO, if this is something you want, you may wish to order it now. When the current inventory runs out, both the stapler and the mini staples are going discontinued.  :(

Friday, October 7, 2016

Crafts - Curvy Boxes, Santa-Tizers, and Gifts!

Crafters -

I have been playing, I mean working, on a variety of projects for the Craft Bazaar TOMORROW at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3220 Columbus Street, Grove City.

Want to see a little sneak peek?
Craft Bazaar Items

I have been having so much fun with this! It has been YEARS since I've done a Craft Fair, a Craft Bazaar, anything like that where I just get to create and do this! It's like I'm designing my own class, attending my own class, and making several items at each class! LOVE IT!

So... I hope to see you on Saturday, October 8th between 9a-2p at St. John's. I will have my calendar (if you don't already have a copy) for you to pick up and you can even sign up for classes while there!

I was able to locate my Paypal Here - which means I can accept credit cards! What a fast and easy way to get some of your early Christmas shopping done for teachers, nurses, co-workers, friends - even a small gift that you can hide away, for just the last minute! And yes, there will also be cards available (shocking, I know!).

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Craft Bazaar and Leaf Framelits - Stampin'Up!

Crafters -

Fall is my favorite time of the year! Of course, once Christmas comes around, my favorite time of the year changes...  :)

With fall, there is the anticipation of Halloween and seeing all the kids in the costumes - hearing "Trick or Treat" when the kids come to the front door. Then, right around the corner is Thanksgiving; spending time with family and friends and being grateful for all the gifts and blessings we have in our lives. And then! To round out the year - CHRISTMAS! Decorations, the wonderful smell of "real" Christmas trees, no school for the kiddos, spending time with family and friends, and, of course, the REAL gift - celebrating the birth of Jesus!

And with all of those wonderful times, there are CRAFT FAIRS! Don't you just LOVE going to all the different ones and seeing the perfect gift - all the creativity?! I know I do! There are so many times, I'll see something and say to myself (or my husband!), "you know, I could make that" and then I never do! Because something else gets in the way - you know... life!

Well, not this year! I have signed up for, not just one, not two, not even three, but FOUR different Craft Fairs! And, I have been preparing for those. BUT, the fourth one that I was able to get into... My friend Amy told me about one at her church and with about a two-week notice, I'm in! WHEW! Thanks Amy!

So, wanna see one of the items I'm working on?
Paper Crafting and Chocolate - What a PERFECT combination!
I know you recognize the KitKats, but do you recognize the leaves? That's the Leaf Framelits from Stampin'Up! My mom has this framelit set and uses it all the time! But she lives about a thousand miles away (literally!), so it's a little hard to borrow it from her.

I ordered it and it arrived on Tuesday! Guess what I did Wednesday morning? You got it! I also took the plain Sahara Sand cardstock leaves with me when I met some friends for lunch on Wednesday. I crinkled the cardstock and then came home and sponged them. (Classic Stampin' In Pad Colors used here were Crumb Cake, Cherry Cobbler, Crushed Curry and Garden Green). Gotta tell ya - this photo does not do them justice!

I already had a project ready to go for these leaves! Last night, the last of them were assembled and placed in a basket ready for Saturday's Craft Bazaar at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3220 Columbus Street, Grove City. They are open to the public from 9a-2p.

Now, you cannot see it as these are still unassembled, BUT there is a strip of the pretty printed papers around each of the boxes. And guess what?

Stampin' Up! had TWO great deals this month! The first one ended yesterday, but the BUY THREE GET ONE FREE on select Designer Series Papers (DSPs) - those are the pretty printed papers - THAT deal goes through the end of the month! I know I just ordered mine yesterday - because the Candy Cane Lane paper is one the list! I just LOVE the designs, but especially the gingerbread house design!
**FYI - As I'm typing this, Stampin'Up! has advised that the Candy Cane Lane Designer Series Paper is in LOW INVENTORY; order soon to ensure timely delivery.**

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stampin' Up! Special Offers! - WOO HOO!

Crafters -

I have been preparing for SEVERAL craft fairs and haven't been on the computer! YIKES!

BUT, I did see this and sent it to my customers the other day. AND I wanted to add it to my blog so YOU could see this also!

Did ya see?
October 1 - 5, 2016
What a BUNCH of GREAT deals!

AND - Stampin' Up! even sweetened the pot! Check THIS out! FREE Designer Series Papers (select papers - and there is even some Christmas papers!)!
October 1 - 31, 2016

Don't forget to use Host Code FGVEYY33 and you will receive FIVE FREE cards from me! This Host Code will change on October 6th.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016



When Stampin' Up! does it, they do it BIG! HUGE!

Two specials right now - that you will NOT want to miss!

Don't forget to use Host Code B7TSXEQT - and you will receive FIVE free cards from me with your Thank You note!

Special 1
Special Offers from September 8th through 14th (the next and final one will be September 15th through the 21st). You can go directly there by going to my ONLINE STORE.
Special Offers

Special 2
They have updated the CLEARANCE RACK!!! And they have added LOTS of bling, and embossing folders, and ribbons, and well, just go check it out! Remember, these items are only available while supplies last!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bold Botanicals - #PaperPumpkinBOGO - Stampin' Up

Crafters -

Want to see another alternate design I made from the August 2016 Bold Botanicals Paper Pumpkin kit? Especially since you can STILL sign up and join Paper Pumpkin and GET A BOGO!

Here's one of my alternate designs:
Bold Botanicals Paper Pumpkin
August 2016
Alternate Design

I really liked the small gift card holder that came in the kit, but there were only three of them (I know - just three?!). So I decided to make an extra one for me!

Did ya notice the colors used? Check out the back of the Bold Botanicals Instructions Sheet for the coordinating Stampin' Up! colors of Bermuda Bay, Cajun Craze, Early Espresso, Mint Macaron, Tangerine Tango, and Tip Top Taupe. Guess what colors I used - ALL OF THEM!

Even used a little tiny bit of the burlap trim on the Tip Top Taupe note inside the holder. I'll actually adhere a small gift card to this and it will be PERFECT!

Remember to join Paper Pumpkin to get the BOGO. You can read all the details, including some fine print and somethings to think about when to subscribe by reading my blog posting HERE.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Holiday Catalog Launch and a BOGO!

Crafters -

I know we all enjoyed my BOGO sale that I had in July. We were SWAMPED in June so I was unable to have the sale with the new catalog. BUT...

drumroll please...

I AM able to have a Holiday Catalog Launch Party with a BOGO for the new Holiday catalog! WOO HOO!

So - 
  • Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th and Monday, September 5th.
  • Sunday, September 4th is from 5p-8p only.
  • Monday, September 5th is from 9a-12p AND 5p-8p.
  • Bring a friend with you, someone new to me, and when you purchase your BOGO items and order new catalog items, you can pick 5 free cards from my stash! BOTH of you - when you place your orders!
  • Unable to attend on the 4th or 5th? Contact me to schedule a private viewing!

You will pick up your new Holiday catalog while you are here! Can't wait to see you!
Holiday Catalog
September 1, 2016 - January 3, 2017